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Quick and Easy Preparation and Cooking of Winter Squash

One of GardenTrends' customers, G and S Orchards, is a full-time family owned farm specializing in high quality fruit and vegetables with exceptional flavor. Over the years they have had many people ask how to cook winter squash, so they have put together a guide for preparing and cooking this popular and delectable fall vegetable.

Cooking Winter Squash

Other options:

Butternut squash or neck pumpkin - Slice in ¾ to 1 inch slices, brush each side of the slice with oil and grill until tender.

Spaghetti squash - Once cooked, remove squash, toss with oil and grated cheese.

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Acorn squash
- Pre-cook halves in microwave and then stuff with seasonings or meat and finish in a conventional oven.

Hubbard squash - Drop to break into smaller pieces. Cook until tender and then put in plastic freezer bags for the winter.

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Special Notes:

You don’t have to cut the squash in half or into pieces but you do run the risk of them blowing up in the microwave so be sure to stab several holes in the skin. The squash will be moister if it is cooked with the seeds left in the cavity and scooped out after the pulp is tender.

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