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New to gardening? Create your very own raised garden bed easily with these tips!

Gardening is fun and easy, even when constructing a raised garden bed.

First, select an area with ample sunlight and easy access to a watering hose. A 4’ x 4’ configuration is a standard size for a raised bed because it is easy to reach the middle without disturbing the soil. A common building material is wood, such as naturally rot-resistant types like cedar or redwood. If using wood, be sure to select untreated lumber as treated lumber could leach into your fruit and vegetables over time. If you don’t have wood, there are all sorts of materials you can upcycle. Consider cinder blocks or bricks to construct your frame!

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Once the frame is complete, line the bottom with cardboard to suppress weeds; the cardboard will breakdown over time. Next, fill your bed with a garden compost blend. Lastly, follow your seed packet instructions regarding plant spacing and pay close attention to varieties that can be directly sown into the bed vs. those that need to be started indoors, then transplanted into your bed.

Try growing tomatoes, peppers, leafy greens like lettuce and kale, herbs, root vegetables like carrots, beets, and radishes, and other garden staples like cucumbers and peas.

Be sure to keep your bed well-watered and fertilized for a bountiful harvest all season long!

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