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Fall Seed Exchange from She's Rooted Home

Fall Seed Exchange from She's Rooted Home

We’re very excited to announce we are sponsoring the She’s Rooted Home Seed Exchange this fall! From Tara’s website, here’s what the exchange is all about:

“Do you enjoy gardening and want to connect with others who share your passion? Or are you a beginner gardener who would love to learn from those successfully growing in your zone?

She’s Rooted Home Seed Exchange was created to build a community of growers sharing their passion and knowledge with other aspiring gardeners in their growing zone. It’s an opportunity to send and receive seeds, as well as other gardening products from other participants in your growing zone.”

Last year, Tara matched over 150 growers from around the nation with her seed exchange, and every participant received a box of seed and supplies, as well as a few new growing friends.

If you’re interested in learning more about the seed exchange and getting notified when sign-ups open, visit Tara’s website.

She's Rooted Home Seed Exchange

What We Love About She’s Rooted Home

We were drawn to Tara’s determination, passion for growing, focus on family, and general down-to-earthness right from the start. Her Instagram stories are a joy to watch, and we appreciate how "real” she seems in a midst of social media influencers. We hope you give her a follow!

Get to Know Tara from She’s Rooted Home and the Seed Exchange

Learn a little more Tara, how she got into gardening, and why she started the Seed Exchange.

What Made You Start A Garden?

I live in the Southern California desert and believe the lack of greenery here is what contributes to my need to grow! I always loved the idea of moving back east to a farm, that way we could grow our own food and experience the farm life. Once I realized we wouldn't be moving anytime soon, I decided to do whatever I could to bring a garden and farmhouse lifestyle to the desert (this was around 2014).

She's Rooted Home Seed Exchange

What Do You Love About Gardening?

Watching it grow! I had always assumed I had a black thumb.

I would buy a plant from a local hardware store that I knew nothing about and assumed it would grow, just because it was a plant. Most of those plants never made it past a few months, but I was determined. I would rebuy the same plant and try different ways of caring for them and started researching what they needed to thrive.

For me, the process of learning and watching our garden grow more successfully each year is what brings the most joy, as well as watching my babies pick produce straight from the garden. Sharing our knowledge and encouraging neighbors, family, and friends to start a garden is a huge passion of mine.

Why Did You Start The Seed Exchange?

After realizing it was possible to bring greenery and grow a successful garden in the desert, I became passionate about meeting other gardeners. I was having a really hard time finding gardeners in my growing zone to learn from and at the same time people were finding my page wanting to learn how to grow a successful garden. My climate was very different from most of my followers and so my gardening tips weren't relevant to them.

In a joking but wishful sense, I told my husband, I wish we could connect people based on their growing zone and send gardening packages, all while having the opportunity to learn from others successfully growing gardens near us/them. He loved the idea and encouraged me to make it happen.

She's Rooted Home Seed Exchange

What Have People Enjoyed Most About Participating In The Seed Exchange?


I wasn't the only one having a hard time meeting other gardeners growing in my same zone. It's easy to follow beautiful gardening accounts that can grow year-round without harsh weather and compare our gardens to theirs. While we love the inspiration, it's hard to connect on a deeper level and share our gardening journeys. I wanted gardeners to be able to share their knowledge of growing successfully in their zone with new aspiring gardeners. Giving them hope as they learn how to provide fresh produce for their family, friends, and neighbors.

If you’re interested in joining the Seed Exchange, pop over to Tara’s website and get notified when sign-ups open.

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