Harris Seeds OrganicAs growers, we have choices in what we plant. Organic seed offers each of us the opportunity to grow from seeds that were produced using certified organic practices. These varieties may be unique new hybrids or old fashioned open pollinated heirlooms that have been grown for years. But in each case they give you, the grower, a chance to make a difference.

Let us all work together to beat climate change with a more regenerative world! Harris Seeds Organic wants to continue to help make a difference in the world and further develop organic growing practices through research and partnerships with other like-minded advocates. Below you will see our partners listed that are also fighting for a more regenerative world. Not only does every organic seed purchased through Harris Seeds Organic help promote the production of certified organic seed, but you are also helping contribute to nonprofits through your purchase. Since Harris Seeds Organic is a brand member of 1% for the planet, for every organic seed purchased, we will donate a portion of the revenue to a nonprofit organization that is making a difference in growing a more regenerative world.

Harris Seeds/GardenTrends Organic Certificate and Addendum

Harris Seeds Organic Partners

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