P. Allen Smith Home Grown Seed Collections

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GardenTrends is pleased to announce our new partnership with P. Allen Smith. Allen is a widely known author, television host, entrepreneur and conservationist within the gardening community. Based just outside of Little Rock, Arkansas, Allen owns and operates a gorgeous estate, Moss Mountain Farm, where he grows fresh produce and flowers, promoting the local food movement, organic gardening and a grounded, natural lifestyle. 

New for 2018, GardenTrends is offering Allen’s exclusive Home Grown Seed Collection, featuring 28 vegetable and 14 cut flower varieties. Select the Home Grown packet to receive a beautiful, custom color packet. The Home Grown packets each contain 10 or 50 untreated seeds, the perfect amount needed for small space gardening or to try a little bit of everything!

Looking for larger sizes or treated seed? Not a problem! Many of these varieties are a part of our traditional product line and are available in our black and white envelopes. Varieties offered in this collection are the same grown by your local farmers and showcased in grocery stores, on restaurant menus, and at farmers markets. Grow what you love, and eat what you grow with P. Allen Smith’s Home Grown Seed Collection.