Blueberry Pink Lemonade

Blueberry Pink Lemonade

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Pink Lemonade may be just about the prettiest blueberry around! This blueberry variety produces unbelievably bright pink berries that are delightfully sweet in flavor. It is very vigorous and ornamentally attractive, offering four-season interest. Developed by the USDA to be successful in low chill climates, it produces pinkish-white showy bell-shaped flowers in the spring. The fruit are initially pale green, then dappled pink, and finally develop a deep pink color indicating a ripened fruit. The leaves are smooth, glossy green, with serrated margins. In fall, the leaves turn a bright orange fading to deep red. Wintertime twigs offer nice dusky reddish-brown color and texture to the garden. Make sure you plant Pink Lemonade blueberry plants where you can enjoy its showy pink flowers in spring and orange and red foliage in fall. Pink Lemonade is a rabbiteye blueberry --it is more compact and also has lower cold requirements. Medium sized sweet and flowery tasting fruit. Grows up to 4-5'. Fruits mid-late season. Self-pollinating. Hardiness zones 5-8.

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