T8 Grow Light/Plant Stand Heat Mat Kit (12 Trays)

T8 Grow Light/Plant Stand Heat Mat Kit (12 Trays)

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This great combo includes: 12 Tray, 3 Tier Stand with trays and fluorescent tubes, one precise thermostat, one Agritape Light Stand Mat (22” x 50”), and a Heat Mat Shelf (eggcrate type).

Reduce energy costs with these more energy efficient T-8 light stands. Save up to 20% on your energy costs over T-12 fixtures while still supplying high output wide spectrum light to our plants. Light stands come with energy-saving 32 watt bulbs.

This 12 Tray, 3-Tier Grow Light Plant Stand contains 3 fixtures and 12 wide spectrum tubes. Ideal for use in a germination chamber or an open area, these grow light plant stands provide excellent conditions for seed germination. Constructed of heavy 1 1/4" round aluminum stock with a bright natural finish, both models feature fully adjustable tiers, each able to hold 4 tan, waterproof 22" x 11" x 2 3/4" deep Perma-Nest plant trays (included). The white, low profile aluminum light fixtures (dimensions 48" L x 19" W x 2" D) each include four, 4' length, 32 watt wide spectrum T8 fluorescent tubes. They are placed 5 1/2" apart in the fixture to provide uniform light across the surface of each flat. Each fixture is separately wired with a 36" grounded power cord, on/off switch, and a 3-wire grounded receptacle. Each of the three fixtures easily adjusts up and down with the turn of two thumb screws. Overall dimensions: 74" H, 53" L, 23" D; includes four heavy duty casters.